Klox FAQ

How do I setup Klox to work with a Proxy/Firewall


To make Klox work throught a firewall do the following:

On your proxy/gateway:
Create a mapping on your proxy computer/server for port 13 on your
network, The default mapping should be to one of the IP addresses that
apear in the Klox IP address selection box (such as

On your client computer (the PC running Klox):
Type in the IP address (or name) of your proxy server in the Klox IP
address selection box (the same box that you got the IP address from in
the previous step).

You can test to see if you did this properly by telnet-ing to your proxy
server's address on port 13 from your workstation:
ex: from the Windows NT command line type
telnet 13

you should see a time string, such as the following in the telnet window,
followed by a disconnect message if your mapping is set up properly on
your server, and you telnet to the proper IP Address:

51374 99-07-15 04:45:41 50 0 0 575.6 UTC(NIST) *

The chimes don't chime the correct number of times (ie at two o'clock they chime once)
All the chimes are currently stored in a single midi file that are played for a certain length of 
time depending on the hour.  Some computers and Soundcards are Much faster or slower than
mine and this throws the timing off.  The next release of Klox will have a fix for this problem but
there is currently no patch available.

Can the faces be resized?
For now no, but eventually I hope to either scale the bitmaps used for the faces or come out with different face themes for different size preferences, color preferences, and background themes.

Where can I download the newest version of Klox?
The program will be on this site (www.klox.com) the day the newest version is available.  ZDNet usually posts 
my updates a week or so after I send them that way.
Simtel archives take a few weeks.

Is a there a version available from my Mac/Linux machine?
Not yet, but hopefully soon.