What is Klox?

Klox is a decorative clock that lives on your Windows 9x/NT desktop.
On my computer it looks like this (in the upper right corner of my screen)
Other faces are available too.

Features include:

  • Hourly chimes.
  • Many decorative faces to choose from.
  • Alarm that can be use the launch applications or just play a sound file.
  • Time zone adjustment, caption for watching other time zones.
  • Run multiple instances to run multiple alarms.
  • More clock face to chose from.
  • Applications can now be launched by the associated document name.
  • Klox is now active in the Windows system tray.
  • Can sync your system time to Internet UTC server.
  • It's Free

Why Download Klox?

  • Lets you monitor time in other cities.
  • Lets you set reminders for yourself such as: Lunch time, I'm on the net too long time, my food is done time...
  • People will say, "hey that's cool, what is that..."
  • It's FREE!!!
If you would like your clock's face included in the next version of Klox, e-mail me a photo of it to...

email me


  • Click on 'Download Klox' at the bottom of this page to go to download section.
  • Pick a download site near you.
  • Copy zip file to temporary folder.
  • Extract files from zip archive with  Winzip (just double-click on file, and click on Extract in Winzip)
  • Run Setup, and Follow the Instructions.


After Installation / Setup and Configuration

  • You can drag it to wherever you want on the screen with the left mouse drag
  • Right click on the clock to view or change options.
  • Double click on tray icon to bring to front
  • Right click on tray icon for options.
  • Also see the  Klox Setup Page for more information.


Download Klox!

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